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666 Supporter Package No. 2 - for 24 months one beer package plus shirt

666 Supporter Package No. 2 - for 24 months one beer package plus shirt
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666 Supporter Package No. 2 - for 24 months one beer package plus shirt

The restrictions in the context with the corona virus epidemic have hit us hard, too. In order to get out of this crisis with a slap on the wrist, we ask for your help.
We are a small brewery, and the shutdown has broken down important sales in the catering trade, at our own events and at many external craft beer festivals, and unfortunately the prospects are still very bleak.
Apart from the WOA, which has already been cancelled, we fear the loss of other smaller festivals and events that we would normally have attended as a beer partner.
The blocking of personal contacts also leads to a ban on socializing, which does not exactly promote beer consumption. In short, we are struggling with a sharp drop in sales.

Many of you are affected by this crisis at least as hard as we are.
Therefore, we do not want to pull on your heartstrings too hard or beg for alms.
Instead, we thought about making a special bargain offer for all beer lovers and friends of our brewery, which also helps us to get through these difficult times.

Basically, it is a craft beer subscription:
You get a mixed craft beer package sent home to you every month for two years.
Each carton contains 20 beers (only 18 in the first, but two branded glasses in addition to that :).We will put great store in maximal variety and diversity. Apart from the beers of our already pretty large standard assortment, we will also pack in some extra things from time to time: be it seasonal specialties, barrel-aged beers or samples of our strictly limited apprentice brew, where we sometimes really live it up.
In addition, every buyer of this package receives a cool Supporter T-shirt (see photo), printed with the Vegvisir-design. It may symbolically show us the way out of the crisis.
Please indicate your size in the comment field when ordering!
If you wear this t-shirt and visit us at an event in the brewery or at a craftbeer event, the first beer will be on us.In a way, it is a permanent expression of graditude for your support!

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