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Walk&uumljrenschluck - Strong Ale, 0.33l bottle, Wacken Brewery

Walk&uumljrenschluck - Strong Ale, 0.33l bottle, Wacken Brewery
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Products description

Walkuerenschluck (Valkyries' Swig) - Nordic Strong Ale, 0.33l Bottle -
Wacken Brewery

A Beer of the Gods

In Norse Mythology, the Valkyries collect the fallen warriors' souls from the battlefield and lead them to Valhalla, the great banquet hall of Odin, father of the gods. There, the chosen Vikings who died in battle fight one another, feast and drink everyday - until Ragnarök, the Twilight of the Gods.

This Strong Ale could originate from Valhalla. With an original wort of about 20° Plato and an alcoholic content of 7.8 %, it is not only strong but also powerful. It was hopped, then dry-hopped, with Summit and Cascade. The beer is left natural,unpasteurized and unfiltered. In short: gently bitter, sweet, strong and pristine - just like the reviving kiss of a Valkyrie. Skál!

- Contents: 0.33l / bottle
- Top-fermented, dry-hopped Strong Ale
- Store cool and dark
- Allergen information: cereals containing gluten
- Manufacturer/Producer: Wacken Brauerei GmbH & Co. KG, Gehrn 13, 25596 Wacken
- Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops and yeast
- Original wort: 19.6°
- Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 7.8 %
- Bitterness:

Walkuerenschluck is available in various units:
- Single 0.33l bottle: EUR 2.39 (price per litre: EUR 7.24)
- 6 x 0.33l: EUR 12.99 (price per litre: EUR 6.56)
- 20 x 0.33l: EUR 39.99 (price per litre: EUR 6.06)

Bottle prices exclude EUR 0.08 deposit per bottle.
Please note:
We do not sell this product to customers under the age of 16. Please provide your birth date when ordering. We'll also need acopy of your ID-card or passport by email, scan, fax or mail.

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