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Forseti - Dry Stout, 0.33l bottle

Forseti - Dry Stout, 0.33l bottle
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Forseti - Dry Stout, 0.33l bottle

Forseti, Asgard's chief judge, dispenses justice amongst gods and men. Although of a fair-minded disposition, he does not shy away from settling a dispute with his golden axe. He is the son of the Æsir god Baldur and the goddess Nanna, and his home is Glitnir, a grand hall that shines in gold and silver, as stated in the Edda:

Glitnir is the tenth;
it is on gold sustained,
and eke with silver decked.
There Forseti dwells throughout all time,
and every strife allays.

His Frisian name is Fosite. He watches over Fositesland, known today as Heligoland (= the holy land), where his sacred cattle graze and one can draw water from an inexhaustible spring - but only in complete silence.

Our dry stout could originate from Forseti's spring. It is full-bodied and rich, yet well-balanced in terms of maltiness, bitterness and intensity. The roasted aromas lurk dark in the depths of this fountain and bring dark chocolate, toffee, dried fruit and cherry flavours to the surface. This aromatic delight, combined with the fine bitterness of hops and the warmth released, has a soothing effect and will pacify all quarrels of the day.

This beer was first brewed by our trainees as a limited edition to celebrate St. Patrick's Day 2019. It was so delicious and met the popular taste in such a way that we have now decided to brew it on a larger scale.

Like all of our craft beers, this stout is left natural, unfiltered and unpasteurized. It is therefore recommended to store it cool and dark.

Optimum storage conditions: upright in a dark, cool (5-10° C) place.

- Contents: 0.33 l / bottle
- Top-fermented beer
- Ingredients: water, barley malt, roasted barley, hops and yeast
- Malt varieties: Munich dunkel, Cara Amber, roasted malt, Chocolate Malt
- Hop varieties: Summit
- Allergen information: cereals containing gluten
- Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 5.9 %
- Original wort: 15.2°
- Prices exclude EUR 0.08 deposit per bottle
- Bitterness:

Forseti is available in various units:
- Single 0.33l bottle: EUR 1.79 (price per litre: EUR 5.42)
- 6 x 0.33l: EUR 9.99 (price per litre: EUR 5.05)
- 20 x 0.33l: EUR 31.99 (price per litre: EUR 4.85)

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