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Göttergabe Crafty - Beer package with 20 dry-hopped beers

Göttergabe Crafty - Beer package with 20 dry-hopped beers
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Product no.: WBGGC20
34,99 EUR*
*zzgl. jeweils 0,08 EUR Mehrwegpfand 0,33l-Flasche
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Products description

Göttergabe Crafty - beer package with 20 dry-hopped beers

The Göttergaben of the Wacken Brewery are the perfect starter kits to try out our craft beer creations.
In this Göttergabe Crafty we have bundled up our dry-hopped bestsellers.
If you love fruity-bitter pale ales/IPAs, IPLs and their mightier big brothers, the double IPAs, you should grab here:
IPAs beers contain altogether 20 bottles á 0.33l in the following combination:

- 5 x Crafty Loki - Nordic Pale Ale, (IPA) 5.7% ABV
- 5 x Mjölnir - Nordic Lager (India Pale Lager), 5.3% ABV
- 5 x Tyr - Warrior IPA (Double IPA), 8.3% ABV
- 5 x Walküren Schluck - Nordic Strong Ale (Double IPA), 7.3% ABV
Content: 20 bottles 0.33l for EUR 28.99 = EUR 1.45 per bottle (basic price: EUR 4.39 per litre)

This article is only sold to persons over 16 years of age.

The price excludes EUR 1.60 deposit.

Note: The picture shows our current collection of beers.As the case may be, single beers can be out of stock. What is always being delivered is the composition specified above in the text!

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