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Göttergabe #1 - Gift of the Gods - 14 x Beer of the Gods

Göttergabe #1 - Gift of the Gods - 14 x Beer of the Gods
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Products description

Göttergabe (Gift of the Gods) - Beer of the Gods - Beer Tasting Package #5
Wacken Brewery

The Göttergabe is the perfect starter kit to have a try of all the Wacken Brewery's craft beers. It is ideal for tasting or as a gift set for beer lovers.

Which beers are included in this box?
Always 14 bottles à 0.33 l and 1 craft beer glass Craftmaster One from Rastal with printed logo of the Wacken Brewery. Due to the Wacken Brewery's particularly elaborate production methods, all the beers listed below are not always in stock throughout the year. Which is the reason why the composition of the box varies depending on availability and season. However, it always contains 6 to 9 different beer types, with a maximum of 3 bottles per type. The above picture is a generic photo for reference only.

The Wacken Brewery's full range of beers at a glance
- Baldur - Nordic Märzen, 5.5% ABV
- Weizendoppelbock 7.5% ABV - MICBA 2018 Gold
- Crafty Loki - Nordic Pale Ale 5.7% ABV - WBA 2018, 2019 Silver
- Heimdalls Willkomm - Trunk aus Bier und Met 6.5% ABV - WBA 2019 Gold, Country Winner
- Walkürenschluck - Nordic Strong Ale 7.8% ABV - WBA 2018 Gold
- Freya - Frühjahrsbock 6.3% ABV - Only when in season
- Hymir - Imperial Stout 8.5% ABV - WBA 2018 Silver, MICBA 2018 Gold
- Mjölnir - Nordic Lager 5.3% ABV - WBA 2019 Bronze
- Sleipnir - Schnelles Helles 4.8% ABV
- Surtr - Smoked Porter 6.2% ABV - WBA 2018 Gold, Country Winner, MICBA Silver
- Tyr - Warrior IPA 8.3% ABV - WBA 2018 Gold, Country Winner
- Ullr - Julbock 6.5% ABV - Only when in season
- Yggdrasil - Nordic Red Ale 5.3% ABV - WBA 2019 Silver, MICBA 2019 Gold

*WBA = World Beer Award
*MICBA = Meiningers Int. Craft Beer Award

Ingredients: Water, barley malt, wheat malt (Weizendoppelbock only), hops and yeast, mead (Heimdalls Willkomm only)

General Information:
- Allergen information: cereals containing gluten
- Manufacturer/Producer: Wacken Brauerei GmbH & Co. KG, Gehrn 13, 25596 Wacken

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We do not sell this product to customers under the age of 16. Please provide your birth date when ordering. We'll also need a copy of your ID-card or passport by email, scan, fax or mail.

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